What (I think) is the problem with Americans

Americans have to learn to live below their means. Really. I get that $500,000 is a fraction of your typical paycheck. I know you have appearances to keep. I know NYC is incredibly expensive in comparison to other places around the country. But you messed up. Big time. Now own up to it.

There’s a simple rule that I follow: If I can’t afford it, I don’t get it. Very easy. Why is it so difficult for Americans to follow? I feel like in this country, people don’t buy things for enjoyment most of the time – they buy things to impress other people.

So I’d like to point someone out to you. Warren Buffett. No one in their right mind could possibly say that Warren Buffett is poor. Nor could you say that he isn’t smart. Warren Buffett doesn’t try to “keep up with the Jones.'” The man’s lived in the same house since 1958. Proof that you don’t need to impress other people to be happy. And material possessions don’t really mean that much in the long run. So, to all the CEOs out there whining their heads off, I’d like to tell you this: go to a corner, and think for a bit. Thanks. Now, I wonder, how can you save money? Do you really need the private school? New York has some excellent public schools. Do you really need the huge mansion? Yeah. Let’s use our brains for once.


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