More ways to save money when you go shopping

Sometimes, being a smart shopper isn’t quite enough. So here are some more things I do to save money.

  • Go thrift/vintage shopping – You can often find some great stuff here – there’s a lot of designer clothing that’s been barely worn.
  • Organize your closet – when was the last time you cleaned out your closet? Chances are, there’s probably a great shirt that you’ve been overlooking.
  • Tailor/fix up your clothing – if there’s a great pair of pants you love but have a hole in them, no need to buy a new pair. Just go to the tailor and get them fixed up.
  • Accessories – You can change up an entire outfit if you change the accessories that go with it. Change a necklace, use a different tie with a suit – no one will tell the difference.

Hope these helped! I know some people dislike wearing used clothing, but there are some clothing that’s new at thrift stores. I’ve been wearing hand-me-downs (from my sister and various family friends) my whole life, so I have no problem with vintage and thrift clothing.

For more tips, go here and here.


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