Holy Crap

I actually am not  opposed to plastic surgery. If you want to make yourself feel better by inflating your breasts, hey, it’s your body and your choice. I realize that some people just don’t feel confident about themselves, and surgery can help with that. What I am against, however, is teenage plastic surgery. I just can’t fathom why any mother in her right mind would allow her daughter to go under the knife. Her body hasn’t even developed fully yet. How do you know she won’t grow into her nose when you get surgery performed on her when she’s 11? I know that self esteem is difficult to obtain if you deal with jeers all the time, but all teenagers go through that awkward phase. Heck, I’m still going through it. That doesn’t mean you just take the easy way out. Cindy Crawford has a mole that she was uncomfortable with, and she did just fine with her life.

The New York Times article says that teens and parents are going through with their plans despite the economy. Which brings me to this. Oh. my. god. If you’re going to lend money for plastic surgery (which you really shouldn’t anyways, considering that plastic surgery isn’t exactly a necessity most of the time), lend it to someone who can pay for it. Not a woman on welfare with a kid. What’s going to happen to her daughter when there’s no food in the house? I don’t think she’s going to appreciate her mother’s nose job very much at all.

Sometimes I really question the choices people make. People want something materialistic, they go to the bank, and the bank gives it to them. No questions asked. It’s stuff like this that has made the economy what it is.


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