Paying for College

With all the college applications that have the seniors around me aflutter, I’ve had college on my mind for a while. My mom tells me that I should try as much as possible to go to a good college not only for a better education, but also because of the environment. In her opinion, her undergraduate years were some of her best. But college, despite all the fun, also comes with lots of debt. And as I was reading through some blogs today, I spotted this. And I started wondering, who’s responsibility is it to  pay for college? My AP Economics teacher, for instance, worked full-time when he was in college to pay for it (his parents didn’t foot any part of the bill).

That’s why I think that I should contribute as much as I possibly can toward my college education. I plan on working throughout college (part-time, maybe? Or a paid internship), so I would like to try to help my parents out. I’ll probably go to the place that offered me the most financial aid and a good education. That’s why I think that state universities are so excellent – not only are they much cheaper, but they also have decent educations. Name brand schools may be nice, but I don’t feel like paying off school debt when I’m 40. Also, state universities are much more likely to accept AP credits, which can significantly reduce the number of years I’m in school (strangely enough, my mom wants me to stay in school longer to have fun, while I want to get started on my life sooner. We obviously have very conflicting viewpoints). But all in all, money is money, and with the state the economy is in now, being debt free would help a lot. Especially when I’m getting a pretty decent education at a low price.


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