New Year’s Resolutions

I know this is kind of late, but here are my New Year’s Resolutions! Not all are finance related.

Shopping/Money Spending

  • Think before I buy anything
  • Quality over quantity
  • Don’t be afraid to “step out of the box” (my family is always asking me why I buy so many nice clothes and never wear them to school)
  • Knit a scarf (I suck at knitting. I learned this summer and my rectangular scarf turned into an irregular trapezoid. But knitting will help me solve my scarf addiction)

Saving Money

  • Save at least 50% of my income.


  • Read more current events (I subscribe to the New York Times and Washington Post, but I usually archive them before actually reading them)
  • I will not gain weight during Chinese New Year. Despite the 139034 parties that all Chinese people have with all the Chinese food and dishes and delicious desserts and everything that tempts me, I will not gain weight. No sirree.

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