Getting more than slightly upset…

Needless to say, the unemployment rate does not bode well for any of us. 7.2%?! That’s just scary. And then I saw this story, which instantly replaced my shock with anger. I don’t understand why people are so resistant to cutting down their expenses. Why refuse to buy your kids’ clothes at WalMart? In that case, why don’t you just not buy clothes at all? Heck, I can’t even justify spending full price on any article of clothing. Or buy something that isn’t more than 40% off.  Do your kids need new clothes every week or month? Which is more important – clothes or a good education at college? Why are you still involved in a country club when you’re using your savings to pay for the membership? Why, why, why?

It’s people like this who have contributed to the economy’s state. People who know that they’re living above their means, and yet refuse to change their lifestyle. I’m in a country club, but it’s the most “modest” one. Honey, no country clubs are modest. They’re all expensive. Especially when they aren’t really necessary. Why use up all your savings trying to retain your lifestyle? Are you ashamed of your husband’s unemployment status? According to the article, a lot of people are struggling just like your husband. So here’s a thought: why don’t all of you join together, and save money so that your kids don’t have to bear the brunt of your stupidity? Soccer and karate may be fun for your kids now, but it sure as hell won’t help if you’ve got no money for them to go to college.


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