Hello world!

So! First post ever.

If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m in high school. And I know that normal high schoolers don’t really read personal finance blogs and whatnot, but it’s actually a hobby. Just like how people like to talk about football or some kind of sport. So, my New Year’s Resolution (it’s not New Year’s yet, but that’s OK): Blog regularly! And keep track of my money spending. And start paying for all my personal purchases, starting 2009!

So maybe I don’t spend money regularly. It’s never too early to start, right?

(For those of you wondering, I do have a (semi)-steady income. And it’s not an allowance.)

By the way, I’m not just obsessed with finance. I also do the teenage thing where I like clothes and boys and complain about school.

Here’s to a good year in 2009!


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